Saturday in Moldova

Today was a “day off” in Chisinau.  We had a special time with a few of the local pastors and heard more of the story of God’s working in their lives, families and churches.

Alex was raised in a pastor’s home.  His father was arrested many times by the KGB–every time his mother did not know where they had taken him, what they would do with him, or if he would return.  Their church building in the village was confiscated by the KGB;  when Gorbachev took office and instructed them to return the building, it was bulldozed to the ground.  They notified Moscow there  was nothing to return. 

Now, Alex is a pastor in Chisinau and God has blessed his church  with the facility that hosted our conference.  Ironically, this wonderful facility was built (and never occupied) by the Soviets before the wall fell.  Alex’s people  bought it at a drastically reduced price and see the hand of God making things right.

Illya was smuggling truck loads of Bibles during the communist era.  When the KGB arrested some of his co-workers, he had to flee for his life.  He was on the run for 7 years and his wife and two toddlers had to live with family.  We sat tonight at dinner with Illya and his pastor son Victor.  I will be preaching in Victor’s church tomorrow.

Here are our prayer requests:

1.  Pray for our teammate, Pastor Snow.  He has been ill for the past 24 hours.

2.  Pray for us as our team preaches in 3 different churches tomorrow morning. (while you sleep in the U.S.)

3. Pray for our afternoon meeting with the Leadership Team and the closing service tomorrow evening.

4.  Pray for our travel home on Monday.  We have great connection in Frankfurt and because of time change, will arrive in Charlotte at 3pm.

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