Sunday in Moldova

Until today, we have spent our time with the church leaders (pastors, wives, small group leaders, etc).  Today our team went to 3 different locations, worshipping with three different churches. 

KK and I went to the Agape Baptist Church and it was a morning we will never forget.  The pastor is a young man and God has blessed them with people of all ages…but especially young families and young adults. We will continue to pray for Pastor Victor and his wife,  knowing that God is using them to lead their church and to impact the spreading of the Gospel throughout the city.  Together with Alex, they have a vision to facilitate a movement of church planting.

Between the worship service and lunch, we went to Illya and Nona’s home.  They speak little English and we speak no Romanian, so it was a fun time trying to communicate with two specail people!  After tea and coffee, we loaded the food and took it back to the church for lunch with the Conference Leadership Team (at 3pm) and then I preached in a closing service at the Holy Trinity Baptist Church (the church that hosted our Leadership Conference this week).  It was a special time of saying goodbye to the host church.

Now we sleep for a few hours–wake up at 3am (8pm NC)–leave for airport at 5am (10pm NC) and depart for home at 7am (midnight NC).  We connect in Frankfurt and arrive Charlotte 3pm Monday (that’s 3pm NC time 🙂

Prayer request:  A couple of team members have experienced stomach problems.  Pray that we will have health and endurance for the trip home.

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