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This weekend is exiciting for Calvary On Mission!  We have 3 teams deployed:

1.  Barbados and Conexion 10/40:  (July 3-10)    A team from Calvary will be in Barbados working on facilities that will soon be used to train Missionaries from Latin America.  They are working with Steve and Ruth N., who have been Missionaries-in-Residence at Calvary for the last few years.

2. Haiti: The Calvary Team serving alongside the Mission of Hope July 3-10. 

3.  Vertical Generation:  Over 175 people have traveled to New York on a mission trip.  They will be presenting the love of Christ as they serve churches and communities July 3-10.

You can keep up with the VG team  a number of ways. 

>Check out their website 

>Sign up to follow VG on Facebook and/or Twitter

>Follow me on FB and/or  Twitter/algilbert   and I will post updates when I recieve them… and from the streets of NYC when KK and arrive on Monday!  Glad to be part of a church with a Missional Mindset!

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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