Prayer Requests for this week

These prayer requests were distributed (in print) on Wednesday: 

1. VG Mission Trip: The VG Choir is in NY on a mission trip until 7/9.  Please pray for them and those they are ministering to as they are working in extremely high temperatures.  They return 7/10.

 2. Meeting Place for Hispanic Ministry: Continue to pray for God’s will as church leaders have been led to a specific site that seems ideal for the Hispanic Ministry.

 3.  Community Serve:  July 11-18.  Pray for those involved and those we will serve.

 4: Lee Chewning:  Please pray for Lee as he is experiencing a serious health problem.  His left kidney is enlarged and dysfunctional.  His doctors are trying to discern the best course of action. 

5.  Calvary Fall Ministries: Pray for our staff as we consider adjustments that need to be made in our fall ministries.  We want to do everything possible to lead our people in personal/growing/serving faith.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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