This Week’s Prayer List

The folllowing list was printed for handout this week.  (extra notes on the end)

 1. Southside Meeting Place:Church leaders continue the process of evaluating the property and determining exactly what would be required to use it for ministry.  Pray for their wisdom and God’s direction for Calvary.

2.  Fall Ministries at Calvary:  We are in the final stages of preparation for a new season of ministry.  Pray for staff, Bible Fellowship leaders, and all of the ministries during these days of preparation.

3. 20/2o Vision: A team of staff and lay leaders has been in a “visioning” process since September 2009.  The next few steps in the process are critical; and, we are counting on your prayers.  

4.  Students at Camp:  Our High School students are at camp until Friday; and, our Jr. High camp starts Sunday.  Pray for students to:  give their hearts to Christ, confess Christ publicly, and choose to value Christ as their greatest treasure.

5.  Kenya Mission Team: Chuck Peters is leading his 28th mission trip to Kenya.  Kenya is one of Calvary’s Strategic Mission Partnerships.  Pray for this team which will be involved intraining church leaders and strengthening the churches in theMalindi area of coastal Kenya.

———extra notes————

Pray for our staff…specicially for Lee Chewning and Doug Hill

Lee continues to improve from his surgery.  The removal of his kidney required additional surgery and his recovery will be longer.  He is improving…but moving slowly.  Keep praying for Lee and Amy.

Doug sustained an injury while playing racquetball yesterday afternoon.  He fell against the wall causing a head injury.  The doctors determined that he fractured his skull and has two hematomas on the front side of his skull. 

As of today (Thursday)  Doug has made remarkable improvement but keep praying for him.  The first 72 hours are important that there is no further bleeding. I was encouraged to see him smile and laugh but I assured him that you would keep praying for him.

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