Unity of the Spirit

Tomorrow we will be preaching from Eph 4:1-6.   There’s so much to be said about these verses.  One of the exhortations from Paul is that we “KEEP the unity of the Spirit.” 

Different translations use words like: “diligently keep”  “make every effort”  “eager, striving earnestly” “endeavoring” .  Of course we know efforts of our flesh cannot produce unity.  It is a work of the Spirit.  Yet, there is an exhortation that we participate–and give our attention to cooperate–with the work of the Spirit to KEEP the unity. 

If you are reading this on Saturday, pray for me  and Pastor Will as share this text tomorrow. 

I often try to read Spurgeon’s sermon on the text I am preaching.  I found this sermon from  Spurgeon and just read it.  The circumstances of his day move him to address issues that we might not understand.  Yet, I think you will find it to be a blessing if you have time to read it:  http://spurgeongems.org/vols10-12/chs607.pdf

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