Southside Update

There have been many key indicators of God’s direction to the Southside Property.  Here are a few more from the last two weeks:

  • 400-500 people have walked through the building during our times of Open House.  There was excitement, energy and great anticipation!
  • Unsolicited testimonies (from school administrators, teachers, policemen, firemen, local business owners, etc.) regarding the great needs in the Southside community.
  • Incredible sense of unity among our Deacons that God has placed this Southside opportunity in our path.  The discussion was not  SHOULD we move forward but HOW should we move forward.  

We are praying that our church family will understand this ministry opportunity and we believe  the money will be given so we can do this without any debt.

Let’s pray together as we approach tomorrow’s vote…and the month that lies ahead.    This is the motion that we will vote on tomorrow morning:

The Deacons unanimously recommend the following action:

“….that Calvary Baptist Church:

1.  approve the purchase of the church property at 2009 Peachtree Street, Winston-Salem for the sale price of $400,000

 2.  raise the funds necessary for this purchase and $200,000 for improvements and operating costs for the first two-year period.”

If you need to review the information that has been shared, click here

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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