God at Work: Southside Testimonies


Seems like every day I hear another exciting report.  This afternoon I spoke with a lady who shared a testimony that went something like this:

               “I grew up in the Southside area.  I went to school at Forest Park Elementary and walked home in a very safe and loving community.  As a little girl, my “brownies” troop (Girl Scouts) met in the Immanuel Moravian Church.  When I saw the picture in the Ministry Guide and realized we were considering this building, my heart was deeply moved.  I wanted the little kids in the neighborhood to experience what I experienced as a little girl.

           I started praying that our church would overwhelmingly affirm this as God’s direction and vote to buy this building—and Sunday we did!

           So, Monday morning I asked God to provide money to give me a special way to give.  When I arrived home Monday afternoon there was an unexpected check in the mail.  I just had to call and tell you how excited I am!  God answered my prayer and I am so excited to see how He is going to work in our church and in the community that needs us!”

So I have to ask:  what about you?

 Have you asked God to provide a way for you to give?




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