Pray with me?



Each week we print a Prayer List that includes the names of those hospitalized, etc.   I am encouraged that hundreds of our people pick up this list and pray together for our Calvary Family. In addition to praying for these physical needs, I  use this handout to share my top five requests for the week….and here’s my list for the week: 

1. Pray for our Missionary family (C & J) who need to sell their home before they are appointed to missionary service. They face a deadline of October 10th. Pray now.  

2.  Praise God for raising up leadership for our  “English for Internationals” ministry.   We have 22 classes meeting on our Central Campus–teaching children and adults.   

3.  Pray for patience and wisdom as our Southside ministries develop interim and transition plans..waiting for the time to occupy the building. 

4. Pray for the members of our Calvary family as they ask God, “What should I give?” Pray for us to see God move in our hearts and provide the money needed to pay for the building we will call “Calvary: Southside Campus.”       (for more information click here )

5.  Pray for new believers in South Asia where Carol is serving.  These new believers are asking Carol to help them share their faith with their friends who come from an entirely different religious background.    


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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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