This Week…walking together

First, thanks to all you prayed for the Marriage Conference.  Wow!  God really blessed the time with an intense sense of His presence.  Great crowd; lots of guests (not Calvary folks); Jeff and Debby did a great job making things clear and they confronted some hard stuff in a non-threatening way.  KK and I sure enjoyed the time together…and we still have stuff to work on, even after 37+  years of trying! We needed those hours together!

Calvary women  have “God Encounters” tonight.  I have heard some of the testimonies that will be shared and I know tonight will be an incredible blessing.  Ladies, I am praying for you today.  Guys, give your wife another Valentine’s Day present and encourage her to go tonight.  Keep the kids; cook supper; whatever it takes!  Tonight will be special for our Calvary ladies and their friends.

My sister went and picked up a copy of my birth certificate yesterday–so our Visa Applications are finally in  the mail.  Let’s continue to pray for the details to come together and for the will of God to be very clear.

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