Tom Elliff — Man of God– Next President of the IMB


Tom Elliff is a humble, anointed, man of God! Period.

If you have ever met Tom, you know that God has clearly anointed him.   He loves people and when they meet him—they can tell! Tom has been a one-of-a kind leader in Southern Baptist life…

Tom believes in prayer; he honors God’s Word; he loves God’s Church; he loves missionaries; he longs for the Peoples of the world to worship Messiah Jesus!   

Tom loves his family.  Tom and Jeannie have demonstrated great love and grace—through years of marriage and ministry…and in recent years when they walked through Jeannie’s cancer treatments.

I could write volumes expressing my deep respect for Tom….but let me say it again:

Tom Elliff is a humble, anointed, man of God.

IMB Announcement

Published by Al Gilbert

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