Prayer Partner Update

There has been a real sense of joy and direction since I cried out for prayer partners a couple of weeks ago!  KK and I feel a real sense of gratitude and partnership for the many friends who have taken time to read these updates and pray for us.

KK spoke to a Ladies meeting today in Atlanta.  These ladies gathered for the express purpose of learning how to pray for Muslim women.  She reports a clear anointing and moving of God in this meeting.  Thanks for praying for her! She will remain in Atlanta for a couple of more days while I go to Nashville for an Executive Committee meeting.

Sunday will be a physical challenge as I preach 3 times and hustle to catch a flight to Nashville.  I have a dinner/evening meeting with the Exec. Committee Officers..  FYI:  I woke up this morning with an infection in my right eye…went to doctor and started on some medication.  I still have a fair amount of discomfort and a headache.  So….I know I am a simple jar of clay but pray I can be a vessel fit for the Master’s use (2 Cor. 4:7; 2 Tim. 2:20-21).

Our friend Victor (from Moldova) will be in the evening service at Calvary.  I know our Calvary Family will be blessed by his testimony and Dr. Chapman’s message….pray for all our Sunday services!

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