Earth Life is Short

Today we have the privilege of celebrating Audrey’s Birthday—she’s one of our “precious treasures” (that what “Nani” calls our 11 grandkids!).   Audrey is six years old–today!

I am reminded that life is precious—and earth life is short.  One of my heroes went to be with the Lord last night.  C.T. Richardson (WWII hero and long-time WS Policeman) died last night after 88 years of earth life.  This man was a humble servant who poured out his life for others. Every time our paths crossed C.T. took the time to say positive words of encouragement.  I rejoice that he’s not suffering and has found true rest in heaven—but I am going to miss this special friend—our Calvary family will miss him too!

This earth life is short.

 Today, I pray we will see our family and friends through the lens of the Gospel; that our lives will be characterized by love and service; and that we will be encouragers, as we speak of the love and life that comes from Jesus!


Published by Al Gilbert

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