Time to Get Ready!

It’s been a great week—full of opportunities and challenges!  It’s hard to believe that it’s Thursday and we leave Sunday! 

Yes, I said “WE.”   Our prayers — your prayers—have been answered.  We asked you to pray and then we begged God for clear direction.  It is clear that God is opening the door for KK to go with me! 

KK’s cousin (Phyllis) who lives in Atlanta has volunteered to go and spend time with KK’s mom every day.  When Phyllis called, KK felt great confidence that her mom would receive proper care during the 8 days we will be gone…and now we have to scramble and make it happen.

We already had her visa.  The ticket was purchased (“accidentally”) before we could confirm it.  So, we just need to think through the logistics and pack.  She’s made trips like this before…so, I know we can get there. 

We are grateful for so many prayer partners that have joined us this month.  We will do our best to keep you informed!

Published by Al Gilbert

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