Sunday: Morning Worship and then….

Travel……and more travel…….

We are packed and ready to go!  KK stayed up all night checking every detail.  I am excited about our services this morning!  “Missional Living”  will be the focus. 

As the 11:00 service comes to a close, I’ll take off for the airport.  KK is going earlier and will check the bags and have everything ready when I arrive.  (don’t worry–I’m loading the car and she’ll have help unloading).  🙂

After sitting around in NY for a few hours–we have a direct flight from NY to South Asia….it is a 14 hour flight.  (that’s not a typo — it is 14 hours on one plane!).

Because of time difference…we depart Sunday night and arrive Monday night.  You think losing an hour’s sleep last night was weird…we lose a day somewhere over planet earth!

Thanks for praying for us.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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