Update from the other side of the world

Our ministry time went great!  It was so obvious that we had prayer support.  We were able to encourage the workers and believe we have accomplished the work God sent us to do. 

I can’t say enough about the spirit of our volunteers.  They served with great joy and encouraged the families by the way the loved on their kids.  Their loving spirit was infectious and made the time away a real retreat for these families.

Because of a train strike, we had to hire a bus to bring the team back to the big city.  It turned out for our good because we were able to arrive during the day (instead of riding the overnight train) and get a night’s sleep in a hotel.  We will have a worship service this morning and spend the day with Carol R.  We fly out tonight.  It’s a 15.5 hour flight and our total travel time is listed at 21 hours.  So…..here’s how it works.

When you finish church and sit down to eat lunch– we will be checking in for our flight.  We will be flying all afternoon and night — arriving  in NY about 5 a.m.   After we go through customs, etc.  I have the feeling that we will head straight to McDonald’s for breakfast!

God has used our team to encourage workers who are pouring out their lives as drink offerings (see Phil 2.17) .  Thanks for walking with us and supporting us with your prayers.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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