Reflecting on last week (Part One)

For the next couple of days I would like to reflect on last week.  We intentionally didn’t share too many details because of the nature of the work…and, now that we are on the other side–I will try to paint a better picture.

First, I must  thank you for reading these updates and praying for us…I can’t say it enough! We were carried along on the prayers of God’s people, in the strength of the Spirit, finding that in our weakness–He is strong.

Our time was focused on serving God’s servants.  We gathered with a few dozens workers who are leaders in South Asia.  These men and women live in various places and lead various strategies in the region.  

What did we do?  Our team took care of their preschoolers, encouraged their teens and led in times of worship and Bible study.  BTW, our team was incredible!  They were so positive and loving–setting the tone for the meeting.  I am so proud of the way they loved and the way they served! 

We had a little free time every day that allowed for some things that were a little “different.”

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