Reflections on last week (Part Two)

As I reflect back on last week, I am so thankful for the grace of God that carried us along…such a long way.  We were not sick and had very few problems along the way.  And, I learned a lot! 

Thinking about last week—I am reminded of:

1.  Spiritual Darkness

The crowds of people, the plethora of gods, the emptiness and hopelessness… all of these things remind me of the truth of 2 Cor 4:3,4 and make me long for  John 8.12 (take a moment and read these verses and pray for South Asia)

2.  The Work 

Although the darkness is great, the Light of Jesus is shining and people are being delivered from darkness into light. (Col. 1:13; Acts 26:17-18)  The reports of how God is working–even in this great darkness– encouraged me!

 3.  The Workers

Hanging out with our friends who live in South Asia….reminded me of the call of Jesus to leave it all and follow Him. (Matt. 16:24

As we begin these 5 days of Global Impact Celebration (GIC), I am praying that God will work in all of hearts like He worked in my heart last week.

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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