Praying for Families–and Resurrection Day Celebrations!

Because our nation has a “Christian memory” –Easter Sunday (Resurrection Day) is a special day for families.  (Info about services at Calvary)

Many will travel—go to a different church—some who seldom attend a church service will go—because their families are going.

As I think about tomorrow—here are my prayer requests:   

  • Take a few moments today and pray for your family members by name (example below).*
  • Pray for those who will lead the service that you will attend—for the anointing of the Spirit to make the Gospel clear.
  • Pray for those who know Christ to deepen their dependence on the risen Lord and delight in Him above all things.
  • Pray for those who do not know Christ to see Him clearly and transfer their trust to Him.


*Praying for our families

 “Father, I pray for _________. 

I pray that ____’s heart will be opened and ________will see the risen Lord Jesus and transfer all trust to Him.   

I pray that ___ will find complete satisfaction in Christ alone.

I pray that _____will delight in the Glorious Day of the Resurrection of Christ and anticipate the Glorious Day when we all will stand before the judgment seat of God.  I pray ____ can say:

‘if I live, I live to the Lord and if I die, I die to the Lord.’  (See Rom 14:7-12)

This is my heart cry for my loved one—in the strong and powerful name of the risen Lord Jesus!”

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