Impossible Demands — Possible!

A few years ago I came across John Piper’s book:  

What Jesus Demands from the World.        (Buy it or download pdf)

This book challenged me to take a fresh look at the claims of Christ and the demands He puts on my life as I follow Him.  In the introduction Piper says:

“When these demands are seen for what they really are, they turn the absolute authority of Jesus into a treasure chest of holy joy.  When the most glorious person in the universe pays all my debt (Matt 20.28), and then demands that I come to live with Him and enter into His joy (Matt. 25.21), there can be no more desirable demand imaginable.”  (p. 26)

I have been waiting for the time when we could take a few weeks and look at some of these impossible demands that Jesus makes possible! (Piper breaks it into 50 chapters—we will not take 50 weeks!). 

This week Will Toburen and I are starting a new series entitled, Inside Out:  Making Impossible Obedience – Possible!  

Two requests:

1.  Pray for us and we map out the series and prepare for the first message this Sunday.

2.  Read these verses and prepare your heart to walk with us and we delight in the demands of Jesus! 


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