Sharing the Journey

Last week my daughter asked me to join in her journey.  She has set aside 30-days of fasting and prayer *  and asked me to pray for her.  Of course I told her I would join her in the journey. 

For some time I have sensed a deep stirring from God that He is bringing me (us) to a new chapter in the journey.  When I heard her request, I knew that I needed to do the same thing.

So, I have set aside the month of May for extra-ordinary prayer.  Want to join me in the journey? 

What could it entail?

  1.  Make a commitment to extra-ordinary prayer for 30+ days (depending on when you start…for me, it’s the month of May –31 days).
  2. Take different approaches to make it extra-ordinary (some fasting, daily times that are focused, extended times of prayer, enlisting prayer partners, etc.)
  3. Record the journey (I will record some of it here…but some parts are very personal and I will record in a special journal)

If you want to comment below to let me know we are sharing the journey, go for it!

If you want to email me or just keep coming back to this site (I will know how many different people visit the site each day).

If you just want to stop and pray for me (us) now , that’s great!  I am absolutely dependent on the work of God’s Spirit to make our ministry effective…and together we long to give Him the glory He deserves. 


*not necessarily fasting the whole 30-days, just fasting as part of extra-ordinary prayer  

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