Again I ask: “LORD, teach me to pray!”

The disciples were moved to make this request:

 “Lord, teach us to pray…”

There have been a few occasions when we have sensed God’s leading to set aside a special season for prayer.  Different things have moved me there—

  • Sometimes I have moved to unusual prayer because things seemed bad—and I desperately needed God’s comfort and direction for relief!
  • Sometimes I have moved because God seemed to be stirring the nest (making normal things-uncomfortable) and moving me to learn to fly (jumping into His plan by faith)

He watches over His nest like an eagle
and hovers over His young;
He spreads His wings, catches him,
and lifts him up on His pinions.

(Deut. 32:11)

This month is one of those special seasons in my life…and it is a combination of things that brings me here—bringing me to desperate prayer: 

  • Pressures that need relief (KK’s parents’ health and her challenges to care from them living 300 miles away).
  • Stirrings that cause me to cry out, asking God to not let me settle for less in my walk and ministry–a sense of stewardship moves me to pray!

Some things on the prayer list are clear…and other things quite foggy!  This desperate state of seeking is quite encouraging as God is feeding my hungry soul with Himself!  He keeps calling me with the simple invitation…. COME TO ME!

So again I stop and sit before Him and I find myself praying:

“here I am Lord. I come to You because there is no place else to really go—You alone have the words of life!

I seek Your face—not Your hand. 

As I cry out to You—all I can say is, Lord—teach me to pray!”

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