Update and Letter to Calvary Family

After a lot of prayer, I have decided that I need to go to ATL and help KK with her parents.  Since I had not planned to be away this Sunday, I have written this letter to be read in the morning services.


Calvary Family:

Many of you are aware that KK’s parents are aging, in bad health, and have many problems, which were recently accelerated by her mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s and a broken hip.

Last weekend, her dad fell and fractured his back.   So, the care for KK’s parents has multiplied and is getting even more complicated.

KK spent most of the week taking her parents to doctors’ appointments; and, she still needs to arrange for around-the-clock care since her parents are trying to live in their home.

After talking with KK about her parents and the challenges she is facing with their care, I decided I needed to join her in Atlanta and spend a few days helping her sort things out.

I trust you know how much I love you and how much I wanted to be with you today.  I will be praying for you as the morning unfolds.  Thank you for praying for KK and parents.

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