Time Zones — and the People of God

This morning I woke up in Phoenix, AZ  — in a time zone three hours behind NC.

In a different place with the clock showing a different time, yet I know the People of God at Calvary are gathering together right now.

I was able to watch the 8:15 service and listened to Steve Hardy preach.  I’ve just finished watching Elevate and listening to Steven Ackley.  Soon, I will be able to watch Calvary West and hear Matt Capps preach. 

Three preachers, three sermons, same topic —serving and shepherding the People of God—challenging them to pray.

I am grateful for these men and for the opportunity God has given me to serve with them.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the People of God with great men of God.  I am thankful the opportunity to stay in touch.

Our Schedule:  If you’d like to stay in touch with us, we are at the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix (Toburens, Hipps, Manns and Chapmans).  The Pastor’s Conference meets Sunday night/Monday and the Convention is Tuesday and Wednesday.   

You can watch them both online     http://www.sbcannualmeeting.net/sbc11/default.asp

As the summer begins, I encourage you to stay in touch. Rest, take time with your family but remember no matter where you go you can stay in touch with Calvary and you can use this opportunity to pray for the People of God in a different way.

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