Lots of Emotions

For the last few weeks we’ve set our hearts on saying “yes” to God’s call.  We know He turned our hearts toward the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and we know He has directed us to this new ministry assignment.  I’ve not given much time thinking  about what it means to say goodbye to the Calvary Family.

But, this week has been filled with emotions.  I attended my last Calvary staff meeting today. KK and I had lunch with the staff today and we shared some special memories together.

Now, it seems like everywhere I turn, I’m telling someone goodbye.  (just came from Chick-Fil-A and cried talking to 4 different people).

But, I keep reminding myself.  When talking to believers, it’s never “goodbye” …. it’s always a “see you later!”  (but there’s still lots of emotions!) 

SO, once again I set aside the emotions and delight in Acts 20:24

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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