Lesson Learned?

Today was to be a day for email and ministry planning.

As I sat in the nearby McDonald’s (drinking coffee and using free wi-fi) a young man walked up and asked to use my cell phone.  I told him it was a business phone and really shouldn’t be used for personal stuff.  He responded, “I’m waiting on a guy and need to make sure he knows where to meet me.”  Made sense to me– didn’t seem right to say no to young man in need.

I dialed the number for him, handed him the phone, and turned back to finish the email I was working on.  I heard his opening comment — and then he quit talking (or so I thought).  He didn’t quit talking– he ran out the door– with my new iPhone!

The next few hours were spent getting a police report, turning off the cell service, buying a new cell phone and reformatting it to get email, etc.

Did I learn the intended lesson?  Not sure.  As I told my son the story we laughed and said:  how do you tell a guy:  “No, this is a business phone you can’t use it.”  —  “What kind of business?”  — ” Well, I am in the business of finding ways to help needy people….but I can’t meet your need….I’m too busy!”

Lesson learned?  Honestly, I was really mad at that guy!  And, pretty mad at myself for trusting him!

Perhaps I learned something about protecting my cell phone — but as the day comes to an end, I’m still trying to learn the lesson.

I’m begging God to overcome my pride and keep my heart soft for needy people. That guy needs a lot more than a cell phone.  He needs to connect with his Creator who loves him, and gave His Son — to pay for his sins and make the connection.

Oh Father, I’ve got so much to learn!

Published by Al Gilbert

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