New Year- New Normal?

We’re still looking for the “New Normal”…. expecting to see it soon as the New Year begins.

We had lots of changes in 2011.  New ministry assignment (moved from Calvary to NAMB); new living conditions (moved in with KK’s aging parents); new family circumstances (leaving 9 grandkids in NC)…. to name a few.

The last 45 days have been extremely challenging:  KK’s mom’s stroke and death; packing and moving; holidays in a dynamic environment. We’ve been physically and emotionally exhausted.

But I’m not complaining!  God has provided and taken care of us every step of the way.  We sold our house in two months…closed and moved within 3 months!  (Big deal in this market! )

That’s context– I am trying to humble myself…depend totally on God… and ask for prayer partners.  Here are the prayer requests.

1.  New church home:  I’ve traveled some to preach on Sundays.  We’ve visited church plants and friends in the area.  But we need a church home–

2.  New friends:  we have great friends who live all over the world. But we need  friends involved in our daily lives.

3. New ministry direction:  I’ve spent the first few months trying to understand what has been done and now we begin to move a new direction.

We need new strength, new perspective, new direction and new relationships.  Every time I’ve asked for prayer partners–dozens of you have responded. Thanks for being there.  Thanks for praying.


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