Olympics– IMB and NAMB Partnership

I would like for you to join me in praying for Bill and Lucy Pat Curl.

The Curls* have given their lives to ministry–serving for nearly 18 years in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.  In “retirement” Bill returned to the staff of FBC Orlando –where they served before they left for missionary service.

This weekend Bill and Lucy Pat leave for London.  The Curls are volunteering at the Olympics and will be representing NAMB and the IMB.  It’s a great partnership! 

 I promised Bill that I would pray for him as he serves.  Actually, I promised that every time I hear the word  “Olympics” –I will pray for him.  I expect to be busy praying for them during the next few weeks.  Want to join me? 

There is something really special about the Curls.  They really love people—and it shows!  They have a Christ-like kindness that will open many doors for them to speak of Christ.

So, how about it?  When you hear the word “Olpymics” – pray for global Gospel impact through the Curls and others who are volunteering in London.

*Liberty members may remember Phil and Miriam Curl. Bill and Lucy Pat are Phil’s parents.    http://www.facebook.com/phil.curl.1


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