Different Kind of Bus Ministry (Part 3)

The next day I talked with a young man who opened up his heart to me.  He asked me to pray that he would find ways to build relationships with his neighbors—and share Christ.

We talked about his struggle and the various things he had tried to meet his neighbors.  Although he longed to do more, I was impressed with his heart and thought one of his approaches was worth mentioning here…

My friend is a dad to young children.  During the school year he takes his son to the bus stop VERY early in the morning.  Other dads on his street take their children to the bus stop as well–so the bus stop has become a great place to meet neighbors–during the school year.

But it’s summer now and school is not in session.  My friend realized he must look for other ways to talk with these dads and he must find ways to take the conversations to a deeper level —than what starts at the bus stop.

My friend is not pleased.  But as I listened, I had to wonder:  how many believers, living in the big cities of North America, go to the bus stop looking for ways to build relationships?  At least he cares.  At least he sees the need to meet other dads and long for them to know Christ.

Oh that God’s people would start a new kind of bus ministry!

Published by Al Gilbert

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