Different Kind of Bus Ministry (part two)

You might need to read yesterday’s post to get the context….

Early this week in Miami I met with some church planters and heard stories of how was at work in the lives of their people.  One pastor told this story:

A lady attended a Life Group with her neighbor.  She was drawn to personal faith, trusted Christ, and immediately you could see the evidence of the Life of Christ. Her transformed countenance and attitude open many doors for her to share her faith and she would always have prayer requests for people who needed Christ. One night she shared how God convicted her to make an adjustment in her life.  

She said, “A few weeks ago I had a change in schedule and started driving to work.  But I have realized that driving my own car has robbed me of opportunities to share my faith.  So, I decided to start riding the bus again so that I can meet new people and share Christ while we ride.”

What a great story of a Christ-filled life and the desire to live as His representative.  Her concern for others convicted me and I think you will agree…

That’s a different kind of Bus Ministry!

Published by Al Gilbert

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