Updates and Requests for the Prayer Team

This has been an intense and special week in our ministry.  

Every few months, NAMB has an “at home” week.  Originally, it was  every month and used to encourage staff to not travel that week….to stay at home and meet together.  Now, because we have reduced our staff and are pushing our resources to the front line, the “at home” week takes a little different focus.  We do call off all travel and stay home—but different regional staff, city coordinators and other field leaders come to GA so that we can learn what God is doing and align our ministries to be more effective. 

This week was a great time to hear from our Send Cities, to meet with Regional VPs, etc.  I have been asked to provide interim leadership to our Evangelism Group—so in addition to meeting with the NAMB Sr. Leadership Team, I used this week to meet with the leaders in our Evangelism Group.

This may be more information than you want—but I wanted to give context to these prayer requests.

1.  Pray for Jerry Daniel as he assumes a new role as Team Leader for LoveLoud.  I will continue as Exec Dir of LoveLoud.  Here’s how it works:  I dream it and Jerry helps me do it!  His gifts are very different than mine and we work well together as a team.

2. Pray for God to give me wisdom in this interim role as VP for Evangelism.

3.  Pray for Pastor Taylor Field, and Graffiti Church  (NYC) as he helps our LoveLoud Team look for ways to multiply churches like Graffiti in our Send Cities.           

 see:  http://www.graffitichurch.org/  and http://www.namb.net/cities  

4.  Pray for Chet Cantrell, and the C.A.C in East St. Louis, as Chet expands his ministry center and looks for ways to help us multiply ministries like the C.A.C. in our Send Cities.        

see:   http://www.cacesl.org/   and   http://www.namb.net/cities 

5.  Pray for us as we travel to  Chicago this week for our NAMB Board meeting.  KK and I will visit with area ministries then work with Trustees–  we continue to look for the best ways to penetrate lostness in North America.  

Pray for Chicago?  click here for today’s NAMB blog on Chicago



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