This Week’s Prayer Requests

We are grateful for our prayer team…thank you for taking the time read the updates and praying.

LoveLoud Update

I spent Friday and Saturday with FBC Woodstock observing their LoveLoud weekend.  Over 125 Ministry Projects with thousands involved.  Yesterday Pastor Johnny Hunt and I spent the day going from site to site.  Learned a lot–definitely setting the pace for Southern Baptists.

Disaster Relief (DR)

A few weeks ago I was asked to provide interim VP for the Evangelism/Leadership Group.  In this role I have the privilege of working with the Disaster Relief Team.  Pray for Fritz Wilson, the new Executive Director for D.R. and the others in leadership and the thousands of volunteers.  They are facing a challenge this week.


This Week’s Travel

Wednesday afternoon I drive over to Columbia, SC to get ready for Thursday morning meetings.  Thursday is a busy day—I spend the morning with Dr. Jim Austin and the staff of the SC Baptist Convention.  Thursday afternoon I drive to Greensboro, NC to speak at an evening meeting hosted by the Life Community Church (James 4900 West Wendover Ave     Jamestown, NC)


Katy Returns to Beirut

Our daughter Katy has been in the States for a few weeks.  She spent most of her time in Boise with Josh and the folks at Leap Charities (Parent organization for Stories of Our City).  Katy returns to Beirut this Friday.



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