Prayer Partner Update

It is always encouraging to go to our website and see how many prayer partners have visited the site.  The daily hits are not that impressive – and I understand no need to keep reading the same blog post you’ve seen days before.  But when I post an update — a bunch of you hit the site and I am really encouraged hoping that some of you are actually praying for us!

NAMB Update

Yesterday the Trustees voted to remove the “interim” from my title and I am now serving as V.P. for Evangelism.  We have a great group of our guys leading our 6 teams (GPS/Networks; LoveLoud; Disaster Relief; Chaplaincy; Collegiate; Revitalization) and it is my honor to serve them as they serve Southern Baptists in North America.

When I was pastoring I felt the weight of Heb. 13:17 knowing that I would give an account for the souls of those I served.  As I officially accept this new position of service, I am feeling the weight of our collective assignment.  We are called to see the multitudes of those who are lost in North America and work together to find ways to share the Good News of Jesus.  I know I will give an account for this stewardship.

Pray for us.

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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