Prayer Partner Update

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. 

We remember those daily exchanges as we walked with many you—we consistently were encouraged as you told us of your prayers (Heb. 3.13).  Now, although we don’t see you in our daily paths, we are encouraged as you tell us of your prayers for us.  Keep praying for us!

Summer is Here!  Here’s what we’re up to….

Moore, Oklahoma:  I am privileged to serve the SB Disaster Relief Team.  We continue to help Southern Baptists communicate and mobilize to serve these hurting people with help and Hope in Christ.

Chicagoland (May 29-30)  A couple of days meeting with leaders from the Mid-West.  Pray for clarity of mission and unity—these are great folks.

Katy’s Birthday (May 30)  Our daughter Katy celebrates another year of life as she serves Christ in the Middle East.  We always wish we could see her but we’re glad she’s serving Christ. Pray her friends make it a special day.

 Loving Houston/Crossover Houston (June 1-8):  There are many layers of serving and sharing Christ during these days that lead up to the SBC.  Pray for Loving Houston, Evangelism Training for Seminarians, Crossover Saturday — lots of people on the streets of Houston representing Christ!    

Family Time

We have days set aside for Grandparent Camp and an Anniversary Trip.  During these days kids and grandkids will weave in and out of our home and we will continue to take baby steps in the remodeling of our house. 

There’s a lot happening the next few weeks and we anticipate great family time—thanks for being a part of our prayer team.


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