September Prayer Partner Update

The busy Summer has come to an end—and the busy Fall has begun!

 We are thankful for family and friends who continue to pray for us and encourage us.  This update recognizes our desperate need for God to do His work and acknowledges that without Him we can do nothing!

 A quick look at the calendar:


-September 8th      Crossroads Church, Dunwoody, GA 

                           Celebration service for a New Church

September  13th     Charlotte, NC   Training Conference

September  15th     Nashville, TN        IMB/NAMB Prayer/Planning

September  16-17   Nashville, TN        Exec Comm of the SBC

September 18th      Nashville, TN        EvangelismTask Force

September 19-20    Baltimore, MD       Crossover 2014 workgroup

September 23-25   Atlanta, GA           Evangelism Leadership Retreat



October 3-7          Toronto                NAMB Leadership

October 7-9          Toronto                NAMB Trustee Mtg

October 15            Huntsville, AL      

October 20           Baltimore, MD      

October 21            Tampa, FL

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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