Health Update for Prayer Partners

Just returned from the doctor’s office and here’s an update:

The MRI concluded that there are no adrenal gland tumors.   The good news is no surgery—the bad news is we still don’t have a cause. 

Blood work and urinalysis have markers that are way out of whack –so the search continues. At this point we are changing some of the meds and will continue with more medical tests.  We have real confidence in the Internal Medicine doctor who is coordinating this.  

Prayer requests

(1) We’d like to know the cause  

(2) Praying the adjusted meds will help me avoid another major episode of Tachycardia and soaring blood pressure. 

(3) Wisdom for work schedule. 

We were overwhelmed by your response to last week’s prayer request.  We are encouraged by your notes and strengthened by your prayers.  Thanks for being there…..

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