“Refreshed in your company…”

Friendship is an amazing thing.  Our long-time friend (Lydia) has been here for 10 days–serving KK during Round Two of chemotherapy.  She flew home to San Antonio today.

When we first met Mark & Lydia (over 30 years ago) Lydia was a young bride battling leukemia. As Lydia suffered through treatments and emerged victorious, I watched God knit KK and Lydia’s hearts together.

Reflecting on the last 10 days, looking for the right words to describe the time, I came across Paul’s description of time with friends.  At the end of the book of Romans Paul said he was looking forward the time when he would be “refreshed in your company.”  (Rom. 15:32)

That’s the best way to say it:  KK has been refreshed by the company of a friend.

A couple of verses earlier (Rom. 15:30) Paul talked about friends laboring together in prayer. A big thanks to all of you co-laborers  who continue encouraging us through your friendship and prayers.

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