Prayer Partner Update (and Passion Week reflections)

We were so blessed by your response to yesterday’s prayer requests.  I read the messages to KK (and the “likes” on FB) and we are encouraged that so many friends are on our Prayer Team.  Yesterday’s time at the Cancer Center was filled with conversations about the grace of God.  She came home exhausted.

Today she returns for a follow-up visit and an injection. She will spend the weekend resting and hopefully have enough strength to go to a Resurrection celebration.  I will update you more next week. Thanks again for praying.

Passion Week Reflections

A few years ago our Pastoral Interns worked to summarize the events of Passion Week.  This morning I reread the work and reflecting on these words:

Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Christ, which involved unimaginable physical pain but infinitely greater spiritual pain, at whose climax Christ cried “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34)—so that believers do not have to. The cross, as Carson writes, is nothing less than “the fusion of divine, royal prerogative and Suffering Servant, the heart of the gospel, the inauguration of a new humanity, the supreme model for Christian ethics, the ratification of the new covenant, and the power of God.”

Finally, on Easter Sunday, arguably the climax of history, Jesus bodily resurrected from the dead, vanquishing the powers of sin and death. Believers happily concur with Job in his magnificent declaration: “I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25).

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