My Prayer For You

Yesterday I preached from Col. 1:9-14.  This prayer of Paul is a great model to use when praying for others– and it expresses what we desire for our own walk with God.  Notice what Paul prays:

  • Filled with the knowledge of His will.
    • not simply a Choice to make- but a Direction to take
    • God’s Will is known in the realm of Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding (not prideful intellect)
  • Walking Worthy and Pleasing
    • Walk: ordering our lives-
      • God’s will not just for our heads but for our feet
    • Worthy: appropriately; not because we deserve it-but because He has made us worthy in Christ and our new life responds and corresponds to Him
    • Pleasing: Pleasing God vs. Pleasing Man (Gal. 1:10)

Resulting in these 4 things:

  1. Bearing Fruit in Every Good Work
  2. Growing in the Knowledge of God
  3. Strengthened with All Power
  4. Joyfully Giving Thanks

Published by Al Gilbert

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