Reflection and Anticipation

Yesterday I received a text– totally unexpected.  A friend sent a picture from long ago with a simple question:  “Remember this?”

When I showed the picture to KK she said: “Wow!  He must be in deep reflection if he’s looking at pictures taken that long ago.”

This is the time of year when a lot of us take some time to reflect and anticipate.  I am using these days to prepare for teaching 2 Timothy at a Leadership Retreat in February. In the quiet moments, I’m reflecting on the years of ministry and anticipating new ministries in the New Year. 

Time to reflect can remind us of God’s faithfulness and stir up gratitude for those who invested in us.  Paul reminded Timothy how others had invested in him  (see 2 Tim 1 ).   

These words from 2 Tim. 1:6 keep poking at my heart:  “Fan into flame”  (Keep ablaze, Kindle afresh, etc.)  Clear imagery of how a fire often needs stirring, how logs need turning, and how embers can burst into a new fresh flame. 

Looking forward to the ministry that lies ahead, I can’t afford to take a half-hearted, lukewarm approach.  I must cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in me and fan into flame the things God has entrusted to me.  

What about you?  

After you take some time to reflect, ask one simple question:  Is my heart on fire?  


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