August 15 (Month of Prayer)

God, the message of the gospel is Your power for salvation.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” (Rom 1:16)

Good morning Father.

I praise You for Your fresh new mercies greeting me as I face a new day. You are faithful and true—and I am not. I need You today, like I do everyday. I put my total trust in You (see Lamentations 3).

I stop to preach the gospel to my heart.

I am sinful. You are holy. The sinless Savior paid the debt of my sin to satisfy the demands of Your holiness. This message convinces me to confess that I cannot save myself.

This good news convinces my heart of salvation in Jesus. This message is Your power to convince and change my heart.

I need this gospel, this good news. I need to hear it every day. I have no power on my own. As the Spirit of God, bears witness to the Word of God, the power of this message bears witness in my inner man.

Let me see this day through the lens of the gospel.

Let me see how powerless I am to change anyone—but let me see how powerful You are to change everyone who believes.



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