August 18 (Month of Prayer)

God, help us to be an ambassador for Your purposes in the lives of others.

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us.

(2 Cor. 5:20)


What an honor to be called Your child. What a responsibility to called Your Ambassador—Your Representative.

Your word says that I am already a citizen of heaven. I am a foreigner here—a traveler passing through with a sense of responsibility to represent my eternal home, heaven.

But, while I’m here, You have set me apart for Your purposes. You have called me Your Ambassador—to represent You in the way I live and the way I love. To represent You in how I serve and in what I say.

Deliver me from the consuming desire to make this my home. Grip my soul with the temporal nature of these earthly things I can see.

Often in the fog, I lose perspective on the eternal things that I cannot see with these human eyes.

But I can see people. Remind me they are not temporal—they will all spend eternity in heaven or in hell.

Use me to tell them of Your love in Christ.

Use me to represent the King of Kings and His Kingdom.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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