August 19 (Month of Prayer)

God, we rejoice when the gospel is proclaimed.


“…Therefore Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.  

Yes, and I will rejoice! (Phil. 1:18)

This message of Christ is amazing. When it is announced, You use the message of the cross to bring people to Yourself.

Today we pray for fellow believers, and the churches nearby, who are sharing this message. Too often we are only concerned about our lives and fail to ask You to bless others. Deliver us from trying to make a name for ourselves. Give us a heart to celebrate as the gospel is shared — even by those who take a different approach.

Thank You for my home church where I first heard the gospel proclaimed. I thank You for all of the churches You have used in my life—and the way they proclaimed the gospel.

Thank you for the people who modeled “soul winning” for me — those who were always ready to speak of Jesus. Thank you for those who taught me how to share the good news of Jesus.

Thank You for the reports from the mission fields — telling us of hundreds who have responded to the gospel.

May the driving force of our lives be the message of Christ. May we never lose the joy of celebrating when it’s proclaimed.





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