Thanks for Joining Us

We were encouraged by those who joined us in our Month of Prayer.

Our church (Woodstock Church/Shallowford) is a campus of FBC Woodstock.  For the last year we have been in a season that feels like we are starting over. There is a great spirit of anticipation as we begin and new year.  The Month of Prayer was critical for us to set the tone of our absolute dependence on God.  

This Sunday (Sept 10th) we will kick off a new year.  We will have a new start time for our morning service (10:30 a.m.) and we will begin our new “Groups” Sunday night in a couple of homes.  

Pray that this will be a season for us to deepen out roots of depending on God, deepen our relationships with each other, and reach new people. 

KK and I are so grateful for our Prayer Partners.  We are also very grateful for this opportunity to serve a local church while serving full time on staff at NAMB.  


Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Joining Us

  1. Hi, Al, hope you’re doing well. If you’ll be in Baltimore for a few more days, shoot me an email. I have a church planter in Annapolis that I’d love to connect you with.

  2. We love you and KK.Marie had breast cancer 5 yrs ago .They got it all .Praise God.blessings on your new ministry

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