Pink Halloween

October 31st is a special day for me(KK). It was 3 years ago today that I got “the call” when the doctor said, “It is cancer.”  Thanks to Mammography my invasive breast cancer was caught early, just stage 1. 

Every day since then I thank God for life and for the amazing technology that allowed us to discover and treat my cancer. I thank God for researchers and for every person and entity who donated toward that research. 

In 2013 it was estimated that 1 hour of breast cancer research cost around $50,000. That is probably up considerably by now. 

In contrast to that, Americans are expected to spend upwards of $9 Billion on Halloween this year. That’s with a “B”- billion!

So, I am declaring PINK HALLOWEEN!I’m asking all of you to match, or give a portion, of what you spend on Halloween 2017 to Breast Cancer Research or Recovery to:

For myself and my fellow fighters, THANK YOU!

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