Prayer Partner Update on KK’s Health

This past Monday KK had an MRI on her (good) knee.  Because of swelling and pain, the doctor wanted to see if she had a torn ligament.  But the MRI showed a mass on her femur.  

According to the MRI report, the mass is likely a sarcoma (but it could be benign).  If it is a sarcoma, it is a serious indication that her breast cancer has spread.  At this point, KK has received a referral to an Orthopaedic Oncologist at Emory.   We are expecting the next steps to include a biopsy, further tests, etc.  

We do not expect a clear diagnosis or treatment plan until she sees this new Oncologist (hopefully next week?). 

We will update you when we have further news.  Thanks for joining us in prayer.

Al (and KK)

Isaiah 26:3    Phil 4:6-7

Published by Al Gilbert

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13 thoughts on “Prayer Partner Update on KK’s Health

  1. Al, I am so sad to hear this news. Praying for sweet, sweet KK and for you and your family. KK we love you and will be praying. Much love in Jesus, Esther and Larry Novotny

  2. Marie & I will pray for her as well as placing you both on our churches prayer list.Please give our love to KK!

  3. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear this. Please give KK my love and promise of ongoing prayer until her knee is healed. Love to you, too, Al.

  4. Al and KK,
    I’ll be praying about this femur ‘thing’. I know He is able to make it just disappear and I know you trust Him whatever…

    I miss you two. Doug and I are attending a Pentecostal Holiness church near Calvary West. We grew up in that denomination so Doug wanted to get back to our roots. We love it there. I retired from Calvary 1 1/2 years ago and Jeanette followed soon after. They have closed the counseling office now.

    Love and prayers,

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