Report on Dr. Visit

We spent the last couple of hours at Emory University hospital.  The Orthopaedic specialist looked at the MRI and he doesn’t think her cancer has spread. He does not think this mass is related to her breast cancer or malignant.

He is ordering further tests to confirm his diagnosis – and will surgically remove the mass and biopsy as appropriate.

Bottom line – best possible result.

We want to thank our prayer partners for your incredible support.  It is hard to describe what happens in our hearts when you are lifting KK up in prayer.

We are strengthened by your comments (both here and Facebook).  Please know that we are reading every one of your comments and hope to be able to respond to you personally soon.

Have a great weekend celebrating our Lord’s birth.

Published by Al Gilbert

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13 thoughts on “Report on Dr. Visit

  1. Rejoicing with the Gilbert gang. We love and appreciate all of you. Praying with you and for you KK!

  2. So very thankful for the”best posible results”! We will continue to hold KK and the rest of your family in our hearts and prayers.

  3. Thank you for the update on KK. We will continue to pray for KK, you and your family and her Dr. God is Good, All the time.

  4. Great news for you and KK, along with celebrating the birth of our risen Savior. Blessings upon blessings and Merry Christmas !!

  5. Al and KK, it is with great joy and thanksgiving that we get this report. We pray for you as KK goes through the next medical procedures. Have a blessed Christmas and wish we could be with you both. Les and Marlene

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