Prayer Partner Update

We are SO encouraged by your prayers and notes. I wish I could write you all back.

Our prayers are being answered !

So far the medication is working and the GBS is not advancing. GBS often moves up into the chest and lungs causing many complications. However, Al’s symptoms remain from the waist down.

Thank God with us and keep praying the medicine will continue to work.


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14 thoughts on “Prayer Partner Update

  1. KK, Claire provided me with this cite so I could keep up with Al’s progress. I am praying specifically like y’all asked. I know y’all are in good hands. Blessings to all.

  2. so very thankful to hear better news, praising Abba with you, and continuing with the army who are holding the ropes for you in prayer… we love you!
    Gary, Jan, and Charity

  3. I’m praying for you both and I’m thankful that this was found early enough to treat it head on. I have a friend (Holly Comer Tuchman) who has recovered from a long bout with GBS, so I understand the severity of this. Again, be thankful for early detection and treatment.

  4. My sweet ones. So very sorry to hear that you, Al, have been through one of those bad times that befalls even Gods servants . You are blessed with many who are praying for you and love you and KK so very much

    . Thanks be to our Lord who watches over us and knows our heart and will bring healing and comfort to you. Remember…. UNDER THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS is safety and comfort. My prayer for you is you find healing there as well!

    Love you, my dears,
    Kay Lane

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