Requests for prayer

Monday Al had severe leg weakness and by Tuesday he could hardly walk. He has been admitted to ICU to monitor him and is undergoing treatment for early stage Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

They believe they caught it early and expect this treatment to work. 

Our specific prayer request is that the current treatment is successful and symptoms do not progress. They DO expect full recovery but it could take some time.  He will be in the hospital for a few days.

We will try to post updates on this blog.

Thanks for being our prayer partner.


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16 thoughts on “Requests for prayer

  1. Will be praying for both of you miss seeing the grandkids and you both you were great pastor s just had bigger task ahead and Calvary gave you growing pains. I’m glad you were there for David and I. I’m glad I got to know you and know that you love your family and church family. My David has passed since we have seen you. I am battling empty nest and no one to care for and it’s a struggle every day. When you loose the ones you love and your church family it is a hard place to be. I pray you and your family are doing better and that the treatments will work for both of you
    Jane Perdue just a sheep of the former pasture at Calvary in Winston Salem love to you and your family

  2. Praying for him as intently as we have prayed for you! Love you both. If you could pass on to him that I listened to the discussion he conducted at Austin’s church a few weeks ago. It was so good to sit and listen to him again. His ability to communicate, edify and encourage has not diminished! I was blessed just to get to sit at his feet and absorb the wisdom and knowledge the Lord has given him! It took me back to your time here at Liberty with tears of joy. We will always miss you both!!

  3. Praying for both of you during this time! You are both such precious friends! Hope you are feeling MUCH better very soon!!!

  4. Praying for Al, you and your family as you walk through this journey. I know that you God will be close and show Himself faithful.

  5. Al, we love you my friend and are praying for you. We are getting the FBC Russellville church family praying also.
    Stephen and Jonya

  6. Kay, please let me know how Al is doing and what hospital he is in. Tell him i am praying and that i love him!
    Kathy Mackey Kitchens
    Give me a call if you have a minute. 770-775-4106

  7. They caught mine early and I’m fine these 24 years later. They gave me 50 bottles of gamma globulin in 5 days. Took a while to regain strength, but I’m back to 100 percent. praying Al will be too,!!!!!

  8. Praying for you both, as you continue trusting God to navigate you through another challenging season of health concerns. Bless you both!

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