Sunday Update

Al MAY have another have another treatment tonight- they are deciding now.

He’s been up a couple of times today. Walking didn’t wipe him out like before and he is gaining strength in his legs. Pain is mostly manageable.

We expect he will be in the hospital another day or two and then go to an Acute Rehab Center for a while.

We continue to have lots of opportunities to talk about God’s power and your prayers. Telling the medical workers that your praying for them is the brightest part of our day. We’ve had some great discussions about spiritual things.

Thank you again for your love, encouraging words, and most of all your prayers.


Published by Al Gilbert

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Update

  1. Please tell Al that I am praying for him and you both. I just found about what was happening and wanted to contact you.

  2. Continuing to pray! Asking the Lord for a “miraculous” recovery that you will undoubtably testify to the glory of the Lord. Honey is praying too! This comes with much love for you both.

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